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    Driving School for Driving Lessons & Intensive Driving Crash Courses in Grays, Tilbury,Hornchurch,Romdord, Basildon & Brentwood Essex UK

Driving School for Driving Lessons & Intensive Driving Crash Courses in Grays, Tilbury,Hornchurch,Romdord, Basildon & Brentwood Essex UK


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To book an intensive course with us you would need a minimum deposit of £100.00 (Plus test fees) the remainder would need to be paid at least 14 days prior to the start of your course.

We would always recommend that you read our Terms and Conditions before booking.

Once we have received your deposit we arrange the date of your practical test and lessons and provide you with the name and the contact number of the instructor who will be teaching you to drive.

We would always recommend that prior to taking your theory test you study the Official DVSA theory test book for car drivers and that prior or whilst taking your practical driving lessons you study the Official DVSA Guide to DRIVING the essential skills. Studying both of these publications will make your transition from learner to driver much easier.

You will also need:

A Provisional Driving License: Forms are available from your local main post Office or can be ordered on line at current price £50.00 (subject to change).

A Current Theory Test Pass, if you want to take your Practical driving test quite quickly, or If you haven't yet passed your theory, it can be included within your course.

Not passed your theory? “Click the link below for FREE theory training.

To Book an Assessment "Click" here 

The driving courses that we offer can be tailored to suit your individual needs, and can run over as little as 2/3 days or up to 10 days or more, depending on the number of hours that you need to reach the standard required by the DVSA to pass your practical driving test, and the number of hours you wish to drive each day.

We also offer Packages of Driving lessons which can be spread over a number of weeks/ months. The Crash Course you choose will depend on the amount of driving experience you have already (if any) and the number of hours you have daily or weekly when you are available for lessons.

All of our Crash Courses are delivered on a One to One basis by a local highly trained professional instructor. Intensive courses are available in both manual and automatic cars.

We would in most cases suggest where the candidate has some driving experience that an assessment lesson is taken prior to booking your course. This enables the instructor to give you his professional opinion on the number of hours he or she feels you would require to reach the correct standard to Pass your practical driving test. After all, that is the reason for booking the course.

To book your theory or practical  test you can now book online by following the link

For an informal chat or to book a course or an assessment phone or email us today.

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